add iso partition to xenserver


for posterity…

figure out the name of the volume group (something like name-uuid)



create the new volume

lvcreate -L 150G -n ISOs name-uuid


find the volume you just created

lvscan |grep ISO


create the filesystem

mkfs.ext2 /dev/other-name-uuid/ISOs


make the mount point

mkdir /mnt/isos


create the repository

xe sr-create name-label=ISOs type=iso device-config:legacy_mode=true device-config:location=/mnt/isos content-type=iso


mount the disk

mount -t ext2 /dev/name-uuid/ISOs /mnt/isos


using vm-snapshot to clone a domU

CAUTION: with the following the system is up so you risk file loss, data loss, etc. — use at your own risk.

Ideally you would shutdown your domU and use vm-export rather than vm-snapshot.

make a snapshot

 xe vm-snapshot vm=name new-name-label=name-foo

this returns a uuid

  xe vm-export vm=UUID filename=|bzip2 > file.xva.bz2

move the file about

scp file.xva.bz2

import the snapshot

 cat file.xva.bz2 |ssh "bunzip2|/opt/xensource/bin/xe vm-import filename=/dev/stdin"

then recreate the clone from the snapshot template under openxenmanager or other management tool.