perc 5/i

This seems to be the equivalent of a megaraid 8404E from LSI, it’s a great in that it’s compatible with SAS and SATA disks, and is available for cheap on ebay.

using it on linux you’ll want to get the megaCLI from LSI and for ubuntu, you’ll want to convert the rpm to deb with alien and then install some 32bit libraries, and then do some creative symlinking in in /lib to make it happy

you can also flash it to the latest dell firmware with the dell centos live cd, and then download the latest firmware from dell, put it on a usbdrive and voila. ┬áThere’s talk on the interwebs about using the lsi firmware, but as I’ve got mine in a dell, I thought I keep it au natural.

this also works with xenserver 6.5 – rpms to get are
Lib_Utils-1.00-09.noarch.rpm and