funky networking bug

Able to download at 8-20 Mbps, only able to upload at 300kbps. Advertised rate is more than 10x that. It was on all uploads I tried (ssh, ftp, http).

Aside: it is nearly impossible to do anything on Charter’s website but get stuck in their endless “help pages”.

Finally called and they eventually got me to plug directly into the cable modem, and the problem is gone. So after giving their tech support person high marks, I tried to upgrade to latest free router software but no go, my wrt couldn’t get an IP from charter – downloaded next most recent version to my smart phone and then ftp’d it from my smart phone with an FTP server app over wifi. (I didn’t have the right software to download data from my new smartphone over the cable – darn MTP)

The initial problem was with a very old version of the free router software on a WRT and 1 year old motorola cable modem. The version that would install kinda worked with faster uploads but would frequently crash, so switched to a red vegetable variant with much better results.