para – virtualize to install from iso copied for posterity

In order to boot from cd or dvd you need to change the guest virtualization type from HVM (fully virtualized) to PV (paravirtualized).

xe vm-param-set HVM-boot-policy="BIOS order" uuid=[uuid of your vm]

After you have booted from dvd, change back to fully virtualized mode:

xe vm-param-set HVM-boot-policy="" uuid=[uuid of your vm]

motorola Surfboard 6141 making noise

I just want to say despite many nay-sayers posting responses to this on other threads there is something in my SB 6141 that vibrates with uploads. (correlated by noise during speed test).

These two links are have the identical report and then other people trying to argue that it’s not the cable modem. It is the cable modem! It happens with my the use of my phone over wifi, with my computer, laptop, with all the screens and speakers turned off, there are no headphones involved.

I can modulate the sound during an upload by twisting the case. Viewed from from the top of the case, if I twist the top clockwise and the base counter clockwise I can decrease and eliminate the sound.

Really annoying to have a fanless, ssd desktop and a noisy cable modem.

animated gif from imagemagick

put the list of files into a file

ls -1 foo*.jpg > /var/tmp/jpglist

rename randomly named files in numerical order

cat /var/tmp/jpglist|perl -e'$i=1;while ($name=) { chomp $name;$new="week" . $i . ".jpg";system ("cp $name $new");;$i++};'

resize all 13 files named week[number].jpg, add the Week[number].jpg to the lower right hand corner of the file

for file in {1..13} ;do convert -adaptive-resize 256x -gravity SouthEast  -pointsize 30 -annotate 0 "Week $file" week$file.jpg week${file}_sm.jpg; done

stack the jpgs into a animated gif, center the extra vertical space (not all the images are the same height, the tallest image is about 350 pixels).

convert -delay 200 -loop 0 -gravity center -extent 256x350 -coalesce -trim -layers TrimBounds -dispose 2 week[1-9]_sm.jpg week1[0-9]_sm.jpg animated.gif