xen xcp xapi change from eth0 to eth1 (after you delete eth0 eth1 becomes eth0 orn reboot)

#get the uuid of the box you want to add the eth1 to
xe vm-list

#list the interfaces that are associated with that box
xe vif-list | grep

#get list of network-uuids to pick from (in my case there are only 2)
xe vif-list |grep network-uuid| sort -u

# make the eth1 interface
vif-create device=1 vm-uuid= network-uuid=

# plug in the eth1 interface (uuid from prior step)
xe vif-plug uuid=

# unplug the eth0 interface (uuid from step 2)
xe vif-unplug uuid=

#delete the eth0 interface (after a reboot your new eth1 will be eth0)
xe vif-destroy uuid=

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